I don’t seem to be losing any weight and hardly see any signs of progress.

Do you have these problems?

Maybe it’s due to a lack of enzymes.

Do you still believe you can get enough enzyme from just a meal?

No, that will be a big mistake!

The changes of people’s diet causes enzyme deficiency.

Enzymes are lacking in our modern diet.
Nowadays, we mostly eat overly cooked and
highly processed foods which are stripped of all natural enzymes and are much harder for your body to process.

Because it puts such a burden on the organs,
which will secrete digestive enzymes such as the pancreas and small intestine, we recommend you to take enzymes from another source. Our source.

People who knew about this, are already using enzymes!

What are you waiting for?

Slim Enzyme+ is recommended for those

Women’s beauty and creating a beautiful healthy body

Until very recently, there was no such enzyme product like ours

Supports digestion with 5 types of active enzymes.

These 5 types of active enzymes such as digestive enzyme amylase and protease, are essential for weight loss, are mixed into and strongly support
the action of the enzyme that makes it effective to lose weight.

90 types of fermenting enzymes to help your weight loss thoroughly

90 types of fermented wild grass enzymes are mixed
to further maximise the power of the enzyme. The effect for weight loss is tremendous due to the low molecular weight and high absorption rate.

Raspberry aroma component endorses combustion.

The raspberry ingredient enhances the affinity of hormone-sensitive molecules that holds the key to a better fat burning process. As a result,
the binding of oils is boosted and the lipolytic activity is activated.

This has three times more productive lipolytic effects than regular capsaicin

One slim enzyme package breaks down this much sugar and carbohydrate contents.

Amazing response to carbohydrate and sugar decomposition ability

Our Slim Enzyme Plus was born from the voices of estheticians and customers.

Because it’s an enzyme, it is not only for building a healthy youthful body but also for your beauty!

4 ways to use Slim Enzyme +

*This product cannot be supported just by consuming it.
A healthy diet is usually achieved and recommended by exercising and good eating habits.Slim Enzyme + ® is just a dietary supplement.

Overly cooked and highly processed food make women lacking in enzymes.

Building a healthy beautiful body and flawless
skin can come be achieved by taking the enzyme regularly.

Lets check out all the enzymes
in your body
Do you ever feel like you’re not losing any weight?
Enzyme was actually directly related to this!


In a modern diet which is lacking enzymes …


It is important to take enzyme well, and regularly


By taking enzymes from another source, it saves the consumption of internal enzymes used for digestion. Then, the amount of enzymes used as metabolic enzymes increases, and metabolism improves!
It leads to a constitution where it is hard to lose weight but instead,
gains weight easily and quickly rather than losing it.

Deliver active enzymes effectively to the body

Many traditional enzyme drinks are heat-treated.

Enzymes are easily neutralized by heat treatment at 48 ° C or higher.

Based on this fact, the enzyme does not reach the body.

was developed Slim Enzyme + ®

Deliver active enzymes effectively to the body

We have been successfully developing over the years. Thoroughly focused on producing great results!

Slim Enzyme + ® The effect Varies depending on the timing and consistency of drinking

Before meal The ideal time to drink is before a meal. It greatly supports your digestion and absorption.
After meal We recommended you to take the enzyme after meals if you have poor digestion. In addition, the growth hormone will activate 2 hours after dinner, so the skin-beautifying effect and the health-supporting effect are also great
Morning For those want to enhance their daily metabolism and increase calorie consumption
Night Effective for health management after excessive drinking and eating, also for preventing hangover.
1 hour before going to bed Improves immunity and supports health.Recommended for daily physical condition management.

By taking enzymes continuously for more than 6 weeks, It will be easier to feel the effects.

Depending on how you drink you can feel the different results!

Analytical test results provided by Japan Food Analysis Centre

Analysis test items Result Lower limit of quantitation Note Method
Moisture 2.7g / 100g   Normal pressure heat drying method
Protein 1.3g / 100g 1 Gel tar method
Lipid 0.2g / 100g   Acid decomposition method
Ash 0.2g / 100g  
Carbohydrate 95.6g 100g 2
Energy 272kcl / 100g 3
Sodium 3.7mg / 100g   Atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Maltitol 58.6g / 100g   High Speed Liquid Chromatographic

Note 1. Nitrogen / protein conversion factor: 6.25
Note 2. Calculation formula: 100- (water + protein + lipid + ash)
Note 3. Based on the nutrition labeling standard (2003 Ministry of Health,
Energy conversion factor: protein, 4; lipid, 9; carbohydrate-maltitol, 4; maltitol, 2

Slim Enzyme Plus is a high quality, safe and secure product. We bring the best out of the nutritional ingredients and try to avoid
using synthetic additives as well as pesticides and chemical fertilizers as much as we possibly can.

Confirmation about anti-doping
Slim Enzyme + ® has an anti-doping mechanism
WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and IOC (International Olympic Committee) do not contain any of the ingredients specified on the Prohibited List.

The allergen display of Slim Enzyme + ® is as follows. Specific raw materials: wheat, milk
Specified raw materials: apples, yams